Types , Methods and Ways of Laying Flooring Screeds

ScreedingIn building construction floor screed can be an essential structural process and it is important to have the knowledge of finishing floors. a good finished floor will look attractive and will last much longer. A flooring screed as the name suggests is normally used on floors of structures. Otherwise it’s a layer of material commonly cementitious or concrete laid in situ, on top of which other finishing materials can be applied directly. The layer can also be left to dry and achieve a rough cast or a raw effect. The functions of the layer is highlighted below:

• They obtain or determine a defined level or position

• They act as the wearing surface.

• They hold the final flooring

Classification of screed floors

This is done according the method used or the level of technology. We have the following ways of screeding. They include:

• Fully bonded to the base- the material thickness is 25– 40mm.

• Unbonded – a DPM (dump proof membrane) is placed under the screed. For the purpose of preventing water capillarity. A PVC is normally used. The material has a thickness of about 50mm.

• Floating- has thermal or impact sound insulation installed.

Caution should be taken to carefully lay the screeds well to avoid affecting the quality of the floors.

Ways to get your screeding right

• Getting the right contractor who has extensive knowledge who will also help you save money when the entire project is done

• Deciding on the right floor screed. There are different varieties so you just have to make the informed choice i.e. Traditional, free flowing, structural, or accelerated screeds.

• Attaining the right screed mix.

• The appropriate methods of installation

• Appropriate screed protection measures

Benefits of floor screeding

• Smooth surface without any joints and spacing

• High durability of the floor which will in turn be easier to maintain

• Resistance to humidity, mechanical, and chemical attacks

• The materials are not flammable, and poisonous